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The Dog Club is a unique daycare/boarding facility, where all dogs must get along in a high energy environment.  Therefore, all visiting dogs must attend a "Meet and Greet" where we will assess their behavior in "the pack". 

Once your pup passes the assessment, they are welcome to attend daycare.

For OVERENIGHT SLEEPOVERS, your pup must pass the assessment AND ATTEND A MINIMUM OF 2-HALF DAYS OF DAYCARE, ideally within a week before boarding.

  1. Fill out the Visitor Registration Form online and e-mail your dog’s vaccination records (from your Vet) and a picture of your pup(s).


  3. Once we receive all your information, a daycare manager will call you to visit with you about your dog and go over all your information.  This visit will determine whether The Dog Club is a good fit for your dog.

  4. If you decide your dog will do well at The Dog Club, we will make a reservation and get your billing information. Because we take a very limited number of dogs, you will be charged for the full stay at the time of booking.

Daycare Pricing:


HALF DAY (Less than 5 hours)

$ 45 (1 Dog) $ 70 (2 Dogs) $ 100 (3 Dogs)


FULL DAY (More than 5 hours)

$ 60 (1 Dog) $ 90 (2 Dogs) $ 135 (3 Dogs)


Overnight Sleepover Pricing:


$ 75 (1 Dog) $ 140 (2 Dogs)

Vaccination Requirements:

1 - DPP (Distemper -Parvovirus -Parainfluenza) 1 or 3-year vaccine 

2 - Rabies 1 or 3-year vaccine 

3 - Bordetella (Canine cough) - Mandatory every 6 months.

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

  1. 100% Refund 2 weeks prior to check-in.

  2. 50% Refund 7-14 days prior to check-in.

  3. Nonrefundable 7 days or less to check-in.

There is a onetime assessment fee of $20.

All dogs attending The Dog Club MUST wear a Quick Release Collar.

Bordetella Vaccination Policy:

Even though the Bordetella is a yearlong vaccination, we require it every 6 months.

Recent studies suggest that the vaccination is only effective for about 7 months, with most upper respiratory cases occurring between the 7th and 12th month mark.

Also, if your dog has not had the Bordetella vaccine for over a year, it is recommended that they wait one week to ten days for the vaccination to take effect.

Visitor Registration/Overnight Boarding Form


Add an Additional Dog


Send Vaccination Records and a Picture of Your Pup!

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