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The Club Salon

We understand that each breed is beautiful and special. Our grooming objective is to provide your dog with the most enjoyable grooming experience.


We love dogs of all shapes and sizes.  We'll groom your tiny Chihuahua and your huge Dane. We are patient with puppies and gentle with seniors.  We'll take the time to make friends with your dog and enjoy the time we spend together.  We will love them while we bathe, brush, groom and trim their nails.

We go the extra mile to make sure your dog has a positive experience.

The end result will be a beautifully clean and groomed dog, and a happy dog!

We are passionate about making your furry friend feel and look perfect. Whether they come for a full spa experience, or a quick bath, you can be assured your pet will feel like part of our family.

Call 406-890-2220 today to schedule an appointment.

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