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First Visit Requirements

To ensure a safe and positive introduction to the pack, we require that every new dog completes a one-time interview with our staff.

Safety is our top priority, and aggressive or unfriendly behavior can be dangerous for both dogs and staff members.

Please call us to set up a “Meet & Greet” appointment. This is a great opportunity for you to ask questions, take a tour of our facility and see firsthand all that we have to offer. Most dogs complete their evaluation within an hour.

There is a one time assessment fee of $20.

All dogs attending our Daycare MUST wear a Quick Release Collar, please!


Please bring your dog’s vaccination records or ask your vet to e-mail them to prior to your first visit.

We require the following up-to-date vaccinations:

1 - DPP (Distemper -Parvovirus -Parainfluenza) - 1 or 3 year vaccine 

2 - Rabies - 1 or 3 year vaccine 

3 - Bordetella (Canine cough) - Mandatory Every 6 months!

Bordetella Vaccination Policy

Even though the Bordetella is a year long vaccination, we are requiring it every 6 months.

Recent studies suggest that the vaccination is only effective for about 7 months, with most upper respiratory cases occurring between the 7th and 12th month mark.

Also, if your dog has not had the Bordetella vaccine for over a year, it is recommended that they wait one week to ten days for the vaccination to take effect.

In addition, although Montana does not have a flea problem, it has been known to happen. Dogs with fleas or ticks are not allowed in the Club. If we notice them on your dog, you will be asked to pick up your pup immediately and/or they will be bathed at the owner’s expense.

Puppies - All puppies must complete their initial vaccination boosters before coming to the Club. Please ask your Vet when they have the green light to come!

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